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Dr. Gigi Hamilton


Licensed Psychotherapist

Highly engaged, connected, and passionate about helping people has been the hallmark of Dr. Gigi’s career! How do you bring that to psychotherapeutic counseling and psychoeducational training programs, to organizations, leaders, and individuals?


Dr. Gigi Hamilton takes what some might hear as a complex tongue twister and blends it together with a charismatic style and expertise that meets people where they are. As an Organizational Psychologist and a Licensed Psychotherapist, Dr. Gigi is the founder of Personal Enrichment Counseling & Consulting Services bringing over 25 years of experience working with organizations, leaders, professional athletes, emerging adults, women, and business owners.

Just when you think you know Dr. Gigi, there’s more to learn! As a proud Army Veteran, Dr. Gigi led programs to help active-duty military personnel reintegrate into civilian life. Her ability to lean into the needs of others creates a personal style that compassionately influences and encourages others. Whether it’s speaking at large engagements, teaching university courses, writing wellness books, creating courses, serving the community, or meeting with clients one-on-one, her life’s journey to help transform others is evident.

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