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Malaika Moran


Marketing and Business Strategist
Ceo of SocialStep

Malaika Moran, the brilliant Owner and Principal Consultant of SocialStep Marketing and Consulting. As a Marketing and Business Strategist, she brings a wealth of expertise in marketing, strategic planning, event experiences, and public speaking to the table.

Back in 1996, Malaika made waves by pioneering an online channel that revolutionized the way professionals connected with top-notch social, cultural, and networking events. With a presence in 10 major cities including New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Miami, her brainchild, SOCIALSTEP, quickly became the go-to resource for event enthusiasts. With over 2 million impressions and 300,000 monthly visits, it became the ultimate advertising platform for esteemed clients like ESSENCE Magazine, Microsoft, Heineken, Verizon, HBO, and more.

Before her groundbreaking success with SOCIALSTEP, Malaika earned her Marketing Degree from Hampton University and kickstarted her career in Credit Card Marketing at Chase Manhattan Bank. She then honed her skills in Small Business Marketing at American Express in New York. However, her journey took an unexpected turn when she temporarily put SOCIALSTEP on hold in 2005 to support her family after the devastating Hurricane Katrina. This experience led her to spearhead online and digital marketing strategies for The Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts in Miami, develop the cutting-edge Latitudes Cruise Loyalty Program for Norwegian Cruise Line and excel in Business Development at Entertainment Benefits Group.

In recent years, Malaika's consulting firm, SocialStep Marketing, and Consulting has provided game-changing marketing strategy and business development services to prestigious organizations such as the Governor's Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness and the New Orleans Business Alliance, along with numerous small and mid-sized businesses. She also imparts her invaluable knowledge as a teacher of Strategic Business Planning and Entrepreneurship at the Urban League's Women's Business Resource Center.

Join us as Malaika Moran takes the stage at Commit to Thrive - Invest in Yourself, where she will share her remarkable insights and strategies for success. Don't miss this opportunity to tap into her wealth of knowledge and unlock your true marketing potential!"

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